El Gato Fan Club

El Gato Fan Club

A post-modern morality tale, set in the near future, somewhere near you. A tale of every day life in any decaying shithole of neglect, so easily found in this capitalist ‘utopia’.

A troupe of troubled troubadours enmeshed in a macabre orgy of dystopian post-industrial punk-metal-mayhem.

No one is safe in the world of El Gato Fan Club, the days grow ever darker as we hurtle towards oblivion, riding the crest of a wave of a poisoned ocean.

You believe that machines are your subordinates, but in reality you have given over control of your life to them.

You think capitalism needs your consumption? But your consumption kills the planet, the same planet that the rich need to live, and these machines produce more wealth than you could ever imagine, let alone match.

Ask yourself why the wealthy even need you… or maybe just find the next empty illusion to keep your mind amused.

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El Gato Fan Club