Emma Ireland

Emma ireland

In her own words, Emma Ireland is a failed novelist and accidental poet who writes mostly about politics and social issues.

She’s either a bloody commie or a bourgeois sell-out depending on whether you listen to her Dad or those who strongly disapprove of Waitrose trifles.

Her performance style can best be described as a bit of a rant. She’ll be appearing (along with Sophie Sparham, Mike Took and Micheal ‘Spike’ Pike) at the Edinburgh Fringe this summer in A Poet’s Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse.

She is also a contributor to the Saboteur Awards 2018 runner-up for Best Anthology, ‘Please Hear What I’m Not Saying’.

In our words, she is a wonderful poet and has a definite way with words. We’re very hopeful that combining her prose with some Mekajinn soundscapes will produce some incredible art.

She performs regularly in the Notts/Derbyshire area as part of various poetry groups, and we absolutely recommend you check her out if you get the chance.

Emma Emma ireland