Magnificent Death Machine

Magnificent Death Machine

Magnificent Death Machine are two blokes from Nottingham. Even we don’t know much past that. Apparently one of them is called Chris, and the other Jim.

They term their music as ‘hardcore’, but it features electronic drums, and the vocals range from crooning to out and out evisceral screaming.

Although they dislike being compared to any other musical performers we’re going to do it anyway. A bit of Misfits, a bit of Slipknot, a good dollop of 80s hardcore with a demented drum-machine feel, a touch of Suicide and Alan Vega, and you have Magnificent Death Machine.

We asked them for a quote, and all they said was this – “Don’t call us MDM. The logo is MDM, we can call ourselves MDM, but everyone else must call us Magnificent Death Machine.”

We did ask why, but they just put the phone down.

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