El Gato Fan Club single 'Zero' available worldwide

El Gato Fan Club

El Gato Fan Club have released their debut single ‘Zero’ on to a fairly (but not totally) unsuspecting world today.

It is available on all reputable platforms including iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify and many, many others, some of which we have provided links to at the bottom of this article.

The song is a precursor to a full concept album to be released in 2020, and is likely to be their only release this year. We caught up with vocalist Jams, and he had this to say:

“People don’t get it, it’s over, done, dusted. This is the first song of a conceptual work about someone born ten or twenty years from now, and the life they are birthed into.

“Some may say it’s ‘dystopian’, I say ‘wake up’, this stuff is already happening and it’s all around us. Wake up before it’s too late… in fact, it’s probably too late already… would you like a bourbon, or maybe a custard cream with your cuppa?”

It was half-past three, and he was probably right.

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El Gato Fan Club