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Magnificent Death Machine release debut single | MEKUS

Magnificent Death Machine release debut single

Pray to God

Reclusive Nottingham punksters Magnificent Death Machine have released their debut single on Mekus Records.

No-one knows for sure who they are, and Mekus was only able to get the contract signed by allowing a third party representative to take it away, and bring it back several days later complete with signatures, apparently scribed in human blood. We’d have been ok with biro.

They term their music as ‘hardcore’, but features electronic drums, and the vocals range from crooning to out and out evisceral screaming.

It is rumoured that the music is produced by Mekajinn, another artist signed to the Mekus label, but when queried about this he issued a point-blank denial.

More releases are planned for later in 2019.

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Pray to God