Mekajinn EP 'Room 19' available across the globe and beyond

Room 19

Finally, after battling our so-called distributors, swarms of killer bees, freak weather conditions and Godzilla, we can finally announce Mekajinn’s debut release – ‘Room 19 EP’ – is available worldwide!

Featuring an evil up-tempo banger, a downtempo quasi hip-hop beat-laden beast, as well as a couple of ambient chillers, this has something for most electronic fans.

‘Room 19 EP’ is available on most reputable platforms including iTunes, GooglePlay and Amazon, as well as the Mekus Shop. We recommend the Mekus Shop as your chosen vendor, mainly because we get to keep more of the money!

We asked Mekajinn for a few words to celebrate the release and pad out this article. He had this to say:

“In essence, the problem with the Hundred Years War is that the Plantagenet claims to the French throne throughout the 14th and 15th centuries were, in truth, completely bogus.

“Edward III knew it, there was no claim to the French throne through his mother by any convention, but it was a good excuse to have a fight with the folk that had stolen the English Angevin holdings over the previous 200 years.

“And if Edward had a somewhat spurious claim, then Henry V had an even less convincing claim, and truth be told, it just showed what the English were – a bunch of warmongering trouble causers intent on doing as much damage to mainland Europe as possible.

“Good job that’s all changed now, isn’t it?”

Errrrm…. Room 19…. out now…. go buy it!

Room 19 EP is available to purchase on this very site in the Mekus Shop, as well as some lesser organisations listed below.

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Room 19