New Magnificent Death Machine single out on 23rd August

Magnificent Death Machine

The latest Mekus release, a three track EP by Magnificent Death Machine, is due to be made available across the known universe on Friday 23rd August.

Featuring three tracks of wholesome hardcore goodness: ‘Break My Bones’, ‘Devil On My Back’ and ‘Mars Is Asleep’, the melody is strong with this selection.

The main track, ‘Break My Bones’ has an accompanying video featuring the incredible talents of top Nottingham drag diva Draven – Insta tag @draven_is_dead – and a top job has been done. The video is truly amazing, and we’ll be posting links for anyone willing to go and view it on YouTube shortly.

In the meantime there are several pre-release video snippets on Instagram and Facebook should anyone wish to witness the sheer magnificence of it!

Magnificent Death Machine