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New Mekajinn recordings to be released in July | MEKUS

New Mekajinn recordings to be released in July

After busily being busy like a busy bee, Mekajinn has been in touch to give us a listen of some of the tunes he’s been working on, and we’ve decided to release them some time in July.

There’s a pseudo drum and bass stomper, a more downtempo hiphop style romper, and a couple of ambient style lounge music tunes to balance things out.

It would appear that the two ambient works will have videos to accompany them on Youtube as well, so he’s clearly been up to ‘stuff’ recently.

We’ll get back to you with a definitive date for the EP release closer to the time when we’ve worked out what it should be, but in the meantime he has a few tracks on Soundcloud for free. Enjoy!